These are photos of our members County tractors which have specialised equipment fitted or have other unusual features;

County Super-6  

This model ran at the same time as the Super 4, from 1962 to 1965, with a similar spec to the Super 4, but with a 6 cylinder Ford 590E industrial engine. It was used for timber extraction daily for a good 20 years until modern machinery took over. The specialised equipment it has fitted, is a Highland Bear crane which is used for lifting heavy logs and timber.

County 1174

This County 1174 is painted a yellow colour, which is the original colour of the tractor.
It was bought new in 1980 by a city council to work on a waste tip and then at a recycling plant

County Forward Control

These are two examples of County Forward Controls.
They were made all throughout County production years from 1965 to 1987.

The model above is a FC 1004.
It was used to do electricity power line work and is fitted with a winch.

The yellow one is based on the  FC 1184TW model and is an industrial model with no lift-top or PTO.

It was used on a construction site with a drilling rig on it.


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